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Increased Facebook Ads revenue 408% YoY through continual testing and optimizations

Francesca’s is a well-established, women’s fashion retailer with over $400M in annual revenue. They have over 100 boutiques across the country. As well-established as they were with brick and mortar stores, they needed as much help to bolster their online sales performance.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, my responsibilities included developing a paid social marketing strategy, auditing their Facebook ads account, implementing improvements, creating a testing plan and driving an upwards increase in ROAS.

Through my strategy and optimizations, revenue increase by 408% YoY while only spending 233% more. The percentage of transactions from net new customers increased by 92%. By leveraging Dynamic Product Ads, broad target audiences and defined retargeting audiences, I was able to dramatically increase the output from Facebook Ads and make it a profitable channel for the company.



Increased Google Ads conversions by 7% YoY with 10% less spend is the top audio transcription and video captioning company in the U.S. They have over 100k+ customers worldwide, and over $100M in annual revenue. I helped manage their online advertising strategy and execution across multiple channels.

While a Digital Marketing Consultant for Rev, I accomplished the following:

  • Improved efficiency in their largest paid ad channel, Google Ads, through increased testing of ad copy, bidding strategies and campaign structure. I focused on increasing testing velocity to find wins quickly. Annual spend decreased by 10% and conversions increased by 7%.

  • Scaled Facebook ads spend from $200k to $750k annually with positive ROI through exhaustive lookalike and interest audience testing, ad creative testing and leveraging bidding automation.

  • Launched Quora ads in November 2018 as a new ad channel. Built account structure and testing strategies to help get channel to its current status of driving 600 new customers annually.


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Increased revenue 10% YoY by leveraging Google Shopping ads and improved Facebook ads targeting

Icemule Coolers sell soft coolers and backpack coolers, mainly targeted at outdoor enthusiasts. 

I was responsible for optimizing their Google and Facebook ads to drive revenue. After reviewing their ads performance on both Google and Facebook, a couple things were clear: shopping ads were the most scalable Google campaign, and highly targeted lookalike audiences were the top performing segment on Facebook.

By optimizing these two areas, I increased revenue from ads by 10% YoY in Q2 2022 with the same amount of spend.


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Increased leads by 105% YoY utilizing gated content, LinkedIn image ads and inMails is a leading speech-to-text api in the US, competing with the likes of Google Cloud, Amazon Transcribe and IBM Watson. offers a speech-to-text api SAAS for companies or apps who want to build an audio transcription tool as part of their software or app, but don’t have the capabilities to do so.

I helped accomplish the following:

  • Launch LinkedIn image and inMail ads leveraging gated content in order to drive leads

  • Scale spend while keeping lead costs <$100/lead

  • Drive $250k+ in annual sales

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